It’s Been HOW Long Since I Travelled in Europe?

I love the idea of spontaneously looking on somewhere like Skyscanner and booking a flight to anywhere, randomly selecting an Air BnB on arrival in a mysterious location and exploring my chosen city in however many days. In reality however, I am much more inclined to scrupulously plan as much as possible before even thinking about booking somewhere. I factor in a seemingly ridiculous amount of things, from where can I go that does interesting food, what is there to do there and of course, how much will it all cost me?

In all honesty, I am not a hostel type of traveller. Lucky enough to spend pretty much all of my childhood crisscrossing the world with my parents, staying in 5 star luxury, I have definitely become accustomed to a certain ‘way of life’ when travelling from country to country. Until recently, I would never really have considered staying in a hostel room with 12 other people all travelling with backpacks, sharing a bathroom. In fairness, I probably still would not consider this, but I am a lot more open now to smaller bed and breakfast type accommodations and self catered apartments as an independent traveller, than I would have been when I was say, 18 years old.


At the start of summer 2018, I was planning several trips with various people over the whole season then boom, at the end of May I lost my job and all travel plans got indefinitely postponed. Summer was slowly ticking by, second by second, me unable to jet off anywhere other than my local park to enjoy some sunshine. (Not complaining as the summer weather has been amazing in London this year!) But as I sit writing this post, I have just booked a mini tour of Europe for late September as the wanderlust finally completely consumed me. That and the fact my super generous parents gave me some cash so I could plan an anniversary get away with my Mr, which we had been wanting to arrange since really early in the year.

Having traveled semi extensively around the Middle East and north Africa in the last 7 years, I guess it’s fair to say I have pretty much avoided the ‘traveller’ experience around Europe as a young gap-yearer. Excluding 4 days in Paris in 2015, it has been an astounding 12 years since I visited anywhere in Europe properly. So now, I was super keen to get back into my neighbouring lands and see what they have to offer an all grown up Ellie.

I’ve heard so many amazing things about Prague and Budapest, I’m so excited to explore…

Completely researched out, we finally decided to fly out to Prague and get the train to Budapest before flying back home. The train however, required a change in Vienna, so we thought why not make a day of it and spend the whole afternoon exploring Vienna on our way to Hungary. So that is exactly what we are doing, and we will be attempting to cram all of this in to just 5 days! No doubt it will make for some interesting blog posts…

13 thoughts on “It’s Been HOW Long Since I Travelled in Europe?”

    1. I have already drafted a little bit about what I want to say about being in Vienna… my mum and dad are the sweetest, they were going on their own holiday so gave me some help b/c they knew how down I was about not being able to travel for my celebration.. Let’s see how it goes! x

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  1. You are going to have such a fab time! Prague and Budapest are definitely comparable in terms of the more traditional Eastern European vibe, not to mention being so cheap! Vienna is a little more Western feeling but the culture there is insane, if you’re into arts and stuff it’s the place to be. Can’t wait to see all the posts xx

    Megan //

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    1. That was one of the main reasons for going there to be fair; travelling around once over there was cheap too – not so much in Vienna though! We are basically calling into Vienna for the cake and the coffee. Neither of us have been to Prague, but my man is looking forward to ‘showing me’ Budapest and I’m kinda excited to let him! ♥ Thank you for the anticipation of the posts haha x


  2. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to travel so much, and I hope you have the best time doing a spot of travelling around Europe! I wish I was more spontaneous when it came to travelling too, that I could pack a bag on hop on the next the flight to an unknown country. However, I think a part of me will always feel the need to plan every last detail of my ventures Enjoy your trip ✨

    Evie x |


  3. How refreshing it is to see young people wanting to see some of the world in which they live. It needn’t cost a fortune and is testament to the fact that some people want to make the effort to find out about different cultures and ways of life. It’s sad to think that some people are born in a bottle and never see out the top!

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    1. Indeed it is. I guess it depends on a lot of things; some are fine not travelling but I’m too curious to stay in one place! I might do another post on how I budgeted for my trip as it was really cheap 🙂


  4. Budapest looks amazing! Gosh, I’d love to go and travel Europe, if only I had the guts! You need to give me some advice, as you sound super well travelled! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much ♥️ I’ll be making as many posts as I can feel from my mini tour so fingers crossed there’s plenty of inspo! I’ve seen a shockingly small amount of Europe considering how near it is; I decided I had to change that! 🙂


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