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~ Hopes, Goals and Plans for 2019 ~

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. Period. However, in January, like at the start of most months, I tend to set myself some goals. Some aspirations. Some objectives. Applying a time frame to each of them, it always helps to get this stuff written down as there is something about ticking off a list that adds to the satisfaction of the accomplishment. This year, with a new lil blog to my name, I figured I would share some of the goals with you.

Social Media and Blogging Goals: In March 2019 my Instagram account will be one year old. By this time I would like to reach 1000 followers and perhaps 2000 by the end of 2019. In terms of my blog, I ended 2018 with 180 subscribers. Having only started my blog in July 2018, I was not number focused as for much of it I was finding my feet. In 2019, I would like to buy my blog domain too, if I can figure out a way to own your domain without being self hosted. (If anyone knows, please message me!)

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Professional Goals: One of my main objectives since graduating from university is to successfully launch myself as a freelance writer. The main reason I started my blog was to encourage me to write and engage with an audience on a regular basis, whilst building a digital portfolio of topical articles/posts. In 2019 I would love to be able to do this more, even if only on a part time basis at first until I have a sustainable amount of work to live off of whilst living in London.

Travel Goals: You can read about my travel goals for the year HERE, but in September 2018 I received one of those scratch maps of the world and I have become somewhat addicted to scratching places off. Any spare bit of cash I have in 2019 (hopefully more than I had in 2018) will be going towards as many trips as I can possibly cram into the year, with my motto for the year being ‘Why Not?‘ So far this year (less than two weeks in) I have been to Amsterdam and have Istanbul booked for February and another trip in March to an as of yet unconfirmed destination. 

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Personal Goals: I feel like I made a lot of progress personally in 2018, upping my water levels and really trying to get my dreadful skin up to anything better than hideous and painful. Celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, I am happily anticipating more relationship milestones in 2019. I also hope to read more books and attend the doctor and dentist appointments that I have been putting off for a while now. I want to continue to love freely, remain positive and as kind as I can be and continue to learn as much new stuff as I can. 

Do you set yourself goals on a regular basis? What would you like to achieve in the coming months?

16 thoughts on “~ Hopes, Goals and Plans for 2019 ~”

  1. I normally set myself goals for the year but also monthly ones too. I think I would love to grow my blog this year and just learn more about how to design it and get my own domain as well- I’m not good with all that stuff haha. But also I want to travel more as well, I have always wanted one of those maps you can scratch off! I want to run more as well 😊 great post xx


    1. Thank you for reading ♥ It is so great to set yourself mini goals, it makes them almost bitesize and easier to tackle. Not to worry, I am not good at ‘that stuff’ either, a lot of us bloggers don’t seem to be IT boffins to be fair, which makes it more okay haha! I’d definitely recommend getting a scratch map of the world, or even of Europe, it is so satisfying and again it’s like it breaks it down into bite size pieces and you feel like you have been more places (which sounds crazy!)

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  2. I’m glad to hear about your social media and blog doing great. Congrats and good luck for 2019. I’m sure you will not only achieve your targets, but will get unexpected results with your amazing writing skills and colourful Instagram.
    When it comes to relationship, reading and travelling I’ve got exactly the same goals as well as changing my profession by the end of year.


  3. I love reading people’s goals and I really enjoyed this post. I’m looking forward to see how your 2019 goes. I haven’t got many goals myself, just to keep up the blogging as I only started at the beginning of this year 🙂
    Sarah x (littlereaderxoxo.wordpress.com)

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    1. I will probably review my goals in summer 🤣 I started my blog at the start of July last year so I’m still super new too! I’m proud of keeping at it even just the last six months 🙂 I like reading people’s goals too 🙂 Thank you for reading ♥️

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  4. I have now just started taking my planner/journaling seriously. It really helps me keep track of my life in general. I can totally relate to not getting those dental appointments set. LOL.


  5. “I can do this” is my mantra for 2019.
    I’m going to look after myself more and chill more….give myself a chance to achieve my dreams…..even though im older I still dream too 🦒🦒🦒🦒🐸🐸🐙🐙🍸🍹🌻🌻🌻🌻

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    1. That is so fantastic ♥ Nobody should ever stop dreaming – Michelle Obama said something really good about this and it’s really sad when people reach that ‘contentment’ level like when they achieve one thing they stop striving – never stop striving ♥


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